Journal of Acknowledgement, the most important journal in a series of seven journals which acknowledges the participation of individuals, corporations, investors, material suppliers, no matter how great or small toward the completion of this masterpiece.  Participation may be offered from a significant comment which makes changes to the painting, information regarding blogs, monetary support, advertising, tool or material submissions, gem submission, etc…  All forms of contribution are acknowledged!
The Journal of Acknowledgement is anonymous or discloses not only the personal contribution but information provided by the contributor and advertising if desired of their businesses, personal information, dreams and aspirations.  Essentially whatever the contributor wants to say to the world!  The contributor can run a one page ad for their family, their cause(s),  business, their website, or just a message for the world and their connection with this history making event.  No photos will be used and it will be printed in black and white simple text in order to avoid complication.
With the potential unsurpassed attention this painting will generate all over the world, this kind of publicity is priceless and if you have something to say, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Families will be tied to the creation of this painting throughout time.  Imagine your child’s face when you tell them they are a part of this magnificent work of art!  Nothing like this has every been done in art history and it is an exciting endeavor!  I, as the creator am honored at the response received.
Please subscribe to the blog for regular updates.  The painting will be shown via webcam in mid 2010 with the artist working on it…THE FINALE.  There will be scans of the work and updates regarding all aspects of the wonderful creation starting in January 2010.  You will view the last year of the making of this historical painting.  It is a painting to the people for the people.  You and the world are a part of it!
Contributors will be contacted with specific instructions and a special email address created for their information submission.  The letter is as follows, with a private invitation from the artist:
The Journal of Acknowledgement is one of seven journals being created along with THE REVELATION PAINTING which will be published 2010-2011.  It acknowledges individuals and businesses who have contributed in any constructive way to the creation of the painting with the mission that this is a world-wide endeavor, a painting for the people-to the people.
I would like to offer you the opportunity to submit anything you feel you would like to as a message to the world.  Some people advertise their business, some write a poem, some write about themself and their dreams or submit a message to the world.  It is a rare opportunity to become a part of history in the making and thank you for your input.  The particulars for submission are as follows:
Text only-no photos (it is printed in black and white, photo submission require too much sizing and resizing, if this changes and photos will be used you will be contacted but that will then require you to create your submission with specific dimensions and decrease the text)
200 words or less due to journal size restrictions
Contact Information or website
I am trying to keep the submission and publishing process simple for the publisher, myself and the submitter.  Please submit your information by April 11, 2010.  There will be no extension on this deadline, no reminders will be sent.  Send your submission to:
****email disclosed upon selection**** 

Please contact:  
regarding any interest or support.  Or go to (THEIR OFFICIAL AND SECURE SITE).  Choose the SEND MONEY tab and our Paypal payment address is:
Enter your amount for benefits as described on the profile page.  Thank you for your support.

Please see: marketing page to find out how you can have your business or families name embedded within the painting as a crusader of good within the second painting hidden within the main painting-a political battle of good v.s. evil!

6 Responses to “The Journal of Acknowledgement”

  1. Devin Says:

    Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that these post really forced me to do so. Excellent post and information. Your painting and all its details are amazing!

  2. Barry Says:

    Good points…I really enjoy this work!

  3. Pablo Fernandez Says:

    I love to read your blogs.

  4. Donna Says:

    I do not think I have seen this said in such a way before. You actually have made this so much clearer for me. Thanks!

  5. Truth-Seeker Says:

    Hello! I am utterly astounded by your work, it is marvelous!

  6. Tammy Says:

    Your site is like a blonde with a brain. I like it. All jokes aside, very informative post and equally impressive design.

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