Four Horsemen-A mystery unveiled

October 24, 2009





A long time ago, when I was still considered a child I tried to sketch what I envisioned and dreamed regarding this painting and was unable to.  Believing it just wasn’t my time, that I hadn’t yet earned the right I continued on with my life.  Although I had made bets with myself to read the entire bible, I often became discouraged because I did not understand what I was reading and still do not…mostly.  I would put the bible up and forget about it.  I had read or heard that if you simply ask for understanding, you will receive it.  I also read not to test God, but the rebel I am an have always been went ahead and tested him.  I asked for understanding.  Sometime later, I read Revelation like I always did, as an artist and not a religious person.  I got to the Four Horsemen and found my heart pounding in realization…
I had earned the right, I finally understood!

Once widely used to classify races of humans and still used in Forensics and medical sciences, I find it interesting that the four primary races match the colors of the horses in overall color, (please see blog regarding the Pale Horse separate from this entry) as well as the roles the horses represent.  The terms are not used as much publicly due to the “offensive” projections people feel they create.  For this piece, I will use them for scientific and artistic purposes in order to express my theory as I see it.  All I can tell you is if you feel offended, close the blog.

Theoretically, the Caucasian-white, Australoid-red, Negroid-black, and the Mongoloid-pale (In art the lightest basic color in the color scale before white, classified as “pale”).  One could argue the “pale” theory but I am not here to argue that, I am here to express my theory as an artist, keep an open mind, continue researching the subject and make sure I have scientific evidence and proven information.

The terms are used in physical anthropology and intricate details of each skull type are used to classify the originations of various humans or the regions of the world from which they were first known to inhabit.  It is interesting information and you may not be who you think you are!  In science and through excessive research, it has been found that:
Caucasoid people were/are indigenous to Europe (see European countries:, Western and South Asia, as well as a Western section of Central Asia and North Africa.

Australoid-Australoid peoples ranged throughout Australia, New Guinea, and Melanesia, as well as different parts of Oceania , Philippines,Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, and the Southern Middle East.

Negroid are people from a Southern portion of North Africa and sub-Sahara Africa.

Mongoloid people are East and Southeast Asian, the Eastern portion of Southeast Asia, Polynesia, Far East Central Asia, Greenland, Far Eastern region of South Asia and the Americas!  (This is very significant in the story of The Four Horsemen.)

See link for geographical reference to race originations:

Please note that ALL people classified in the origin may not have an active role in the events represented by their horses’ role.

So, what does all this mean?
These are the Four Horsemen of Revelation:
The White Horse-Caucasoid
The Red Horse-Australoid
The Black Horse-Negroid
The Pale Horse-Mongoloid



According to Revelation the White Horse:

“…And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer…”

French Revolution 1789, Industrial Revolution-Second half of the 18th century, Russian Revolution 1917.  See:  World War II Timeline…Germany, Hitler, Soviets, etc… It is astounding information!
And in current times the threat of The New World Order-The wealthiest most powerful bloodlines in the world.
The 13 bloodlines are:

The Astor Bloodline
The Bundy Bloodline
The Collins Bloodline
The DuPont Bloodline
The Freeman Bloodline
The Kennedy Bloodline
The Li Bloodline
The Onassis Bloodline
The Reynolds Bloodline
The Rockefeller Bloodline
The Rothschild Bloodline
The Russel Bloodline
The Van Duyn Bloodline

Also as a 14th bloodline theirs a Merovingian (Merovingian – a Frankish dynasty founded by Clovis I that reigned in Gaul and Germany from about 500 to 750 bloodline) which has something to do with the European Royal Families and also 3 interconnected bloodlines,

The Disney Bloodline
The Krupp Bloodline
The McDonald Bloodline.

It appears throughout time, the Caucasian race has utilized the bow and crown given to him.
Some text theorize the White Horse is the Antichrist but does not link the theory to research, although if I had to look at it in that manner, I would have to agree.
If a person looked at these horses as not only races of people but the timelines and peaks of their reigns, that person could calculate events before they happen.  The times overlap yet there are definite peaks, as you will see in The Black Horse theory.
Biblical years v.s current years:



The Red Horse-Australoid:

 ”…And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword…”

The focus on The Red Horses Australoid origin would obviously focus on the Middle East in current times all the way back to biblical times.  Peace has definitely been taken from the earth for a long, long time due to the discord.  The Middle East fight among themselves and indeed kill each other.

My confusion came when I thought about the American Indians and their skin colors so similar to Middle Eastern.  I thought they did fight amongst themselves and kill each other too, along with others but if they were here before “white men”, they did not fit into the Australoid origin theory.  My entire theory was shot…But then I started thinking, well then, where did they originate from?

SHOCKINGLY, this is what I surely did not expect to find:
Skulls of peoples with Australoid morphologies have been found in the Americas, leading to speculation that peoples with phenotypical similarities to modern Australoids may have been the earliest occupants of the continent.


 “…and behold, a black horse, and he who sat on it had a pair of balances (scales) in his hand…”

I went over some of this material in my post regarding the Black Horse previously.  I stated as the artist, and as a human being that I felt no man in history had given so much toward equality in the world as Martin Luther King, even losing his life for it.  It was his actions which gave birth to all of the equal rights movements for so many things in current history.

For me, the balances (scales) are equality and therefore justice by weight of evidence measured.  I also noted that the rider of the Black Horse will be Martin Luther King.  The equality explosion occurred in effort to obtain equal rights for African Americans, and all people in general.  So it would center around the Negroid race.




“…And behold, a pale horse, and he who sat on it, his name was Death. Hades followed with him. Authority over one fourth of the earth, to kill with the sword, with famine, with death, and by the wild animals of the earth was given to him…”

Mongoloid people are East and Southeast Asian, the Eastern portion of Southeast Asia, Polynesia, Far East Central Asia, Greenland, Far Eastern region of South Asia and surprisingly enough, the Americas!

Shocking to realize WE (Pale Americans) are the Pale Horse!

Is it coincidental that we are currently on the brink of World War III?  Is it too far fetched to think that America does not have a major role in the unsettled politics of our current times and the overall turmoil of the world?  Are we the rider named Death?

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  1. telson7 Says:

    Interesting article about pale horse:

  2. suekEless Says:

    I have never seen such a dream and it is very exciting. I placed your website as my URL because I find myself there every single day reading and admiring your art.

  3. Lindsayraikwarme Says:

    China and Russia put the blame on some screwed up experiments of US for the earthquake that happened in Haiti.
    Chinese and Russian Military scientists, these reports say, are concurring with Canadian researcher, and former Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief of Forbes Magazine, Benjamin Fulford, who in a very disturbing video released from his Japanese offices to the American public, details how the United States attacked China by the firing of a 90 Million Volt Shockwave from the Americans High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) facilities in Alaska
    If we can recollect a previous news when US blamed Russia for the earthquake in Georgio. What do you guys think? Is it really possible to create an earthquake by humans?
    I came across this article about Haiti Earthquake in some blog it seems very interesting, but conspiracy theories have always been there.

  4. I have been fascinated with your work. I cannot wait to see the gemstone city and will be watching for it. I have rss’d the blogs. I wish more people would leave you comments, your work is fabulous!

  5. seawReaphaw Says:

    I love the work you are doing, it is a magnificent work of art. Happy Valentines Day and I will keep watching your work.

  6. Bon Vertonet Says:

    We all aspire to make a difference in a positive manner and you are doing just that. Your work is truly historical in nature and unlike anything I have ever seen. I am very happy to have come across it and will be watching your website. Your blogs about the painting are some of the most imformative I have ever seen, excellent!

  7. Uno Says:


  8. Lynn Gowen Says:

    Please write more about the Truth Hemmorage. It is something I know that people will follow and want to read but you keep it a mystery. The painting is looking so good, unexpected. That is not meaning bad, it means it is such a big painting and I understand not how you can tranplace it. Millions of people will see it extraordinary.

  9. Schwadenburg Says:

    This is real imagination and very compelling, like grasping for breath. It is personal and heart felt work. KUDOS to you.

  10. Tim Says:

    I troll all over the www looking for worthwhile information and I had found it here. I rss’d your blogs and your website. Have you considered a podcast? Write me and I will tell you how if you do not know. It will give you another genre. I love your work and the entire idea of it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. OneOldMan Says:

    In studying the first translation bibles I believe you are correct but I think you should include text and meanings from all bibles and the beliefs of all religions. The work you are doing is honorable.

  12. Soko Says:

    Good internet site. Right on REV, right on.

  13. buine_6ac Says:

    We would like an interview. Please contact us through the information sent in the email. This is nice work.

  14. Tres Says:


  15. Hover Says:

    I stumbled across this work and see it as highly accurate. I will be watching you and your websites.


  16. Barb Wailen Says:

    I wanted to tell you that the project you are working on is tremendous. I was curious if you have a staff of people working on all this information while you paint? It is a huge undertaking. The world needs more people like you to show as you say, we are not so different after all.
    Thank you for what you are doing here.

    • Perfectly perfect. I am humbled. It is just me. It is hard. There is SO much to do, so much to research and teach. I feel so passionate about this work, it consumes me and drives me forward. The journal time comes when I have the painting in storage. It is there now. I am a nurse, a travel nurse and work 13 hours a night. It is difficult because not only my work consumes me, my dreams consume me. This year I am working harder than ever to get the painting done. Please keep up with me! Thank you.

  17. Talin Says:


  18. Tameo Says:

    The horsemen is very interesting. I find it also interesting that you have done so much detail work and education. Good and interesting work!

  19. adelinaitaly Says:

    Dear Revelation
    I am sending email about the stones of the painting.
    I thank you very much for your help.

  20. Tony Says:

    I love your work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Please know that I am watching your blogs. Beautiful work on your website.

  22. Curly Says:

    I am interested in your work, finally a different, new and exciting artwork.

  23. Ariel P. Says:


  24. Omar J. Says:

    I had to read it a few times and I researched your facts. It is real isnt it?

  25. abigale Says:

    I like this.

  26. Allen Mercer Says:

    Your work makes me feel sad. Somehow there is a connection between your work and the movie Avatar. I see that there is a sense of urgency in what you are doing but it seems somewhat confusing. Please try to clarify what you are trying to say. You are very talented and your work is beautiful. I want to thank you for all your effort.

    • LOL. It is the ADD/HD. I myself are confused at times. Please know I am working on that. I am working to clear up the journals and place information in individual blogs. It is a lot…too much. I know. The website is simpler now, and the blogs are separate. There is a lot to catch up on! Thank you for supporting and tolerating me.

  27. Perter Says:

    I have been faithfully watching your work and have some insight for you and your website. Please watch for an email from me through the creator email address. Thank you for what you are attempting here Rev., and know that we are watching.

  28. Francis Pena Says:

    Isn’t it amazing when someone can take what is in your head and make it right in front of you? The canvases the woodworker made are very nice. Are these what you have on your website now?

    • Yes, He was a very skilled woodworker/carpenter. It was crazy, I had drawn out the design, purchased the supplies, ran an ad on Craigslist. He replied. His name was John and when he showed up at the door, he looked like Jesus. I almost passed out! Jesus was a Carpenter. John started in the first Scene of the painting. It was strange but wonderful! His canvases are perfect!

  29. Randy Says:


  30. Monica Roberts Says:

    Praise the Lord.

  31. Nanno Says:


  32. Lee Mann Says:

    Where did all this information come from?
    I need some expert advice here


    • First it usually comes in dreams or ideas, like the mind never really sleeps. Then comes the research pulled from life experiences (like learning about the races), and vision to see how the four colors of horses match the primary four races of people. Then more research to make sure my ideas are solid, where then I may find out more intriguing information that propels me forward to new ideas!

  33. Xeefer Says:


  34. Anaessolo Says:

    Anytime of the day is a good time for blueberry pie and you my friend are like blueberry pie;)

  35. nymn Says:

    Nice work.

  36. sAM pURDUE Says:

    If I had not seen this myself I would not have believed it. My friend told me about you and it was well worth the trip! PaINT ON…

  37. BIGGY Says:

    Hey guys, how many people are working on this huge project?

    • O N E. Me. But there are many people tied to it from all over the globe! Sometimes, lately most times I am overwhelmed with it. Sometimes I feel like giving up but it pulls and drives me forward. Too many years, too many finances and too many dreams are tied to it to just let go. This year is a hard year, this year I plan to complete it after 16 years!

  38. Archon Says:

    I like this.

  39. Mantoba Says:

    В сети и так полно
    Что касаемо модулей и прочего, берется материал из открытых источников. Если интересный материал имеет какие-нибудь непосредственное авторство или права, то только с согласия автора!!!

    • In English: Online and so full
      With regards to the modules and other things, the material is taken from public sources. If you have any interesting material direct or authorship rights, it is only with the consent of the author!

      Response: Information written is mainly by myself. If other information is used, it is tied directly to the public source website where it was obtained. Unknown who to contact from the bible? These are my ideas as an artist and person. This is research accumulated to create and back up my personal ideas. All information is used for educational purposes and not for financial profit. If there is information on any of my sites that the author would like removed, I am obligated by my principles to removed it immediately. Thank you for your concern.

  40. CoolAmp Says:

    I Like You

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